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Very approachable and people friendly
Financial Freedom

I cannot thank the guys at Bridgewood enough. A professional sevice with a personal touch. Rob was an amazing help and guided both my wife and I through the maze of Bankruptcy and IVA procedure. If you are looking for 1st class and knowledgeable financial advice, then I cannot recommend highly enough.
Very helpful and friendly

Fantastic and I feel a weight as been lifted from my shoulders. Thankyou

they listened, gave me my best options, and all roung very professional. thank you Ben
Do not enter a debt management solution without talking to Robin and Rob ..

Outstandingly professional, calm and reassuring from my first to every contact; from Robin to Rob.

Bankcruptcy is a very stressful thing to enter and Rob in particular (who actioned my case) made it very straightforward.

He provided expert communications - email / mail and telephone - along the way to help me both build my information and answering my questions / concerns in both an ultra timely fashion and with clarity.

I know from speaking with my parents - who kindly paid both your fee and the fee to the govt for applying - that they found Rob excellent.

I have no hesitation in you wanting to use this review for any marcoms. you undertake.

Also if you want to further 'interview' to expand for marcoms I am available.... afterall many people are either months away from needing a debt solution or suffering in slience.

Mine is a classic tale from high income to nothing .. !

All best wishes and thank you so much.

Phil Williams
Great service, very knowledgable

So knowledge and helpful
Very happy

Rob was exceptionally well informed & helpful
Excellent service

Ben was understanding and professional and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Dealing with debt is such a worrying time but Ben helped me enormously.
Highly Recommended

I have been in contact with Rob Dawson at Bridgewood for a number of weeks and the professionalism and knowledge provided was second to none, I would highly recommend them.
Would thoroughly recommend if you need help and advice on your financial si

Needed advice and spoke with Rob Dawson very helpful and informative. Also not judgemental which put me at ease.
fantastic service

I have been in touch with yourselves I have been speaking to Robert Dawson.
one of your advisors all the time I have been in touch he has been so helpful.
I found it very easy to talk to him at this difficult time completely he was completely understanding . and put me in the right direction
thank you so much .
Yes they helped me in the right direction 👌
Clear and precise service

Excellent service, fantastic communication,they make the bankruptcy process clear and straightforward
Put my mind at ease

Spoke to Ben, he gave good advise and help me come to a solution, which will make life a lot easier with a great professional manner.
Yes. The process and advise has been very useful.
You are excellent
Very helpful

Helped me under stand more very helpfull
Made me feel comfortable and at ease, was understanding, calm and listened.

Made such a difference that it helped me manage my fear and anxitiy to help open up about the matter to get the help and advice I so needed.

Thank you R.
Excellent Financial Advice

Rob was excellent in providing me with all the information necessary to help me begin executing a debt relief order.
“Corporate Kindness”

They were professional and empathetic to my financial situation and afforded me “corporate kindness” in the form of no cost advice.
After speaking with Rob yesterday I feel like a weight as already being lifted of my shoulders even though it’s early days,very professional and understanding.
Thankyou to Rob who was very thorough and helpful.Excellent service.
Very understanding and giving the best advice where possible.
I contacted Bridgewood Debt Solutions as I needed help and advice regarding the best way forward for tackling my debt. Ben Sherwood listened to my concerns and provided excellent advice and support on next steps.

Even though I do have a journey ahead to clear my debt, I feel so much better and confident by finally taking those important steps.
great professional advice and fantastic service

Very professional in there approach
and great advice
Very pleasent, knowledgeable, clam voice tone. Reasurring, good advice and explanation of options.
Excellent service very understanding people would recommend your company

Ben Sherwood was very polite and very understanding and put me on the right path to start to solve my debts with an iva I'm very pleased with the service he gave me and I've recommended my niece to to help her with her debts to
Really helped me.

Really helped me to find the best solution.Gave me a lot of time on the phone, with great manners and helpfullness.
Ben was very understanding nd helpful. We went through all aspects of income and expenditure nd he gave some really good advice and options available to me.
I would definitely recommend them before it gets out of hand.
Very helpful and reassuring

I spoke to a guy called Ben and he was absolutely brilliant with me.
He was professional, understanding and calming. But most of all he wasn’t judgemental in anyway!
He didn’t just talk to me like a robot reading a script of his computer, he actually interacted with me in our conversations unlike a lot of other companies you speak to on the Phone.
He made it as easy and stress free for me as he could. If I couldn’t answer one of his questions he wasn’t pushy at all.
Cheers Ben.
Advisor took all my details an expenditure an income an then advise that what was I good for me An has adviced I go for a certain thing An is se
Nosing a pack out for me an will do a return call on Thursday. It lifted a great deal off me as my debt was giving me headaches so I hope to get my sorted soon with Bridgewood help
Very friendly, non judgemental service, which offers great advice.

Ben Sherwood was incredibly friendly, professional and patient with me on the phone. I'm in a stressfull situation trying to deal with matters that I don't understand. Ben took his time to explain all of the options available to me, he went in to great detail. I didn't feel under any pressure to make any decisions on the spot.
Clear, helpful advice
Oustanding Professional

Robert was an outstanding consultant who gave great advice in a very sensitive and professional way. I would highly recommend him and the service he has provided me.
Patient, Professional, Perfect.

Very Patient and positive experience I would highly recommend their services.
Very good service

Listened, and advised accordingly. Use of empathy, and non judgemental.
Fulfilled his first promise of sending the pack on email, along with his direct contact.
Very approachable and informative
A very helpful conversation with Ben. He was processional and friendly.

Thank you
Great advice!

Rob was brilliant giving me some great and really reasuring advice. Very calming. I'm very glad that I called and will be recommending a chat with Rob to some friends. Thanks!
Amazing service

Amazing staff straight up front solid advice. Rob has been amazing
The stars say it all 💫
Excellent advice and service

Although I never needed Bridgewood’s service in the end, the level of professionalism I received was excellent. They offered excellent advice and service. Robert the advisor was very diligent and not pushy at all. I would really recommend Bridgewood of you have financial concerns.
Great service

Great service very helpful, I would definitely recommend.
A solution was found & hope & harmony restored

I found Rob & the team to be helpful, professional, friendly & approachable. No judgement or criticism was given in this sensitive & difficult situation.
I feel a sense of relief & hope &
A solution was found, I’m pleased & relived & a problem shared is a problem solved!
amazingly excellent professionals

I've been speaking with Rob from day one... and I've been amazed with his perfection of understanding my problems in a personal and professional level as well... even though that I don't have the results yet
I'm quite confident that I'm leaving my problems to be resolved by a real professional like Rob... for any financial problems I would recommend bridgewood to any of my friends or family... I was heading to solve my financial problems with another company up until the time that I called bridgewood and spoke with Rob... which in the first 5 minutes I decided that I'm merging from wherever I was heading to bridgewood... and I'm still quite confident that they won't let me down
Helped me straight away, easy and listened to what I had to say

Rob was Brilliant!
Excellent advice and customer relations

Excellent customer service and advice
I made an initial call to Bridgewood to discuss my situation and Ben the advisor could not have been more helpful and considerate. He made me feel very comfortable and was incredibly patient. From this initial call, I would definitely recommend Bridgewood.
Exceptionally helpful + friendly

Absolutely fantastic service and advice, I was so apprehensive and embarrassed prior to this phone call, ashamed when I realised at just how much debt that I have accumulated but the adviser Ben Sherwood was very reassuring all throughout the call, he did not make me feel silly or bad, I felt relief and much clearer about my circumstances. A massive thank's
the company gave me a very good advise and i am very pleased with the advise
Ben made it a very calm and anxiety free experience, which I really appreciated. Thankyou.
Very helpfull and professional .

Thank you very much for advice - very professional . All options available for me was clearly explained without rush and hasle ,no pressure in making decision . This is what i need - clear answer and honest opinion and i find it - Thank You Robert .
Highly Recommended .
Regards .
Top quality service very quick to respond. Prompt and honest advise given.
Outstanding service!

Thank you for the advice, I had been elsewhere and given advise which was not the best advice at all. Your Mr Sherwood was very knowlegeable and left me feeling a hundred times better about things. I have now progressed along the right avenue to resolving my financial difficulties.

Regards G Campbell.

Very friendly called me back when he said he would would recommend every time thank you
First Class Service

Bridgewood came across very professional and understanding. Sadly due to my complex needs and identified debt solutions, Bridgewood wasn’t able to help, however they were able to signpost and make the process easy to understand.
Credit to the company!

Very thorough in explaining options, no pressure in making any decisions. Friendly and honest during the call.
Very kind and helpful

Very helpful! Was worried about ringing initial but my mind was put straight to ease and glad I chose bridgewood!
professional and efficient

provided useful information and acted in a professional manner
Clear explanations and they point you to the right services.You understand your financial situation better and you are empowered to move further.Iam happy with the service .May God bless you with great work you are doing to help people.
Was fantastic top man. .....

Really good service
really great clear advice. Ben was really helpful and informative
Robert from Bridgewood has been extremely professional and supportive. Excellent service.

The service really good and helpful thank you.
Excellent friendly service

Robert was really easy to talk too and talked about all the 0ptions in very easy to understand terms outstanding **
Highly recommended, professional and a caring service. Thank you Rob Dawson

Gold Customer Service. I want to thank Robert Dawson for seeing me in such a short notice and for all the guidance and assistance with my situation. Highly recommended ,very professional and where you are seen as a person and not as a number. Once again thank you and I highly recommend Bridgewood for being the best in dealing with such situations. Thank you again.
very good

Ridgewood were very responsive and professional
Friendly, know what they're doing

I've only had one phone call with them but the advisor was extremely friendly and prompt 're info sent and altogether a better experience than the first company I tried.
Offered several solutions and offered contact with service provider

Very professional leading to good advice
Robert was a lovely guy and really helped us out, it’s a pity the company he put us through to after speaking with him were not so accommodating but I would recommend Robert 100 percent.
They got back to me very quick and gave me great advise.
Professional and gave lots of much needed information.

Ben called after my husband gave him my number and spent a good while on the phone to me. We went through all my different options, figures and outcomes.
He was very helpful and professional and i would recommend him and the company
Was very friendly and understanding on the phone
Although I didn't go ahead with anything Rob I think his name was went above and beyond to try and help me and find a solution to fit my life so thank you very much
The response for assistance was very prompt, Rob was extremely

The assistance provided was very prompt, extremely professional, understanding, clear and concise.
The telephone conversation was informative, the process, different options comprehensively explained and the documents followed on as promised.
I would definitely recommend Bridgewood and we would like to thank Rob for his help.
Gary & Michaela Brine
A caring lifeline

After much soul searching, plucked up the courage to speak to Bridgewood. So glad that I did. BEN was marvellous. Patient, professional, informed, but above all, caring and compassionate. Went through the whole process with me, and figuratively, held my very shaky hand. Hopefully the IVA will come to fruition. A weight off a very troubled mind. Thank you so much.
Friendly, helpful, informative and reassuring

Extremely informative, positive and reassuring manner. Very friendly and helpful and in this stressful time put me at ease with the suggestion of a very real possibility of getting myself out of this current situation that I have found myself in.
Very helpful men thanks to him he did explain clearly and I just thanks him

Very good customer service and very well explain thank you to the person
Very clear and constructed advice.
Excellent and very professional. Robert gave me confidence to deal with my debt situation. it's kind of scary...debt.
Generalised information and not personalised!

The advisor gave different options but I feel didn’t really consider our personal circumstances as to which would actually be the best and felt the advice was therefore not accurate and consequently didn’t help our situation.
Very helpful and clear. Also the call back was within 10mins of applying on line and instant response to emails. Knowing nothing and worried about my debt situation I'm now perfectly clear on moving forward and dealing with it. Thanks
Absolutely great

I have to say i've never done anything like this before and felt at total ease with Robert he was great with me and good solid and sound advise, still working with him now and i'd recommend anyone to try this company
Explained everything probably spoken nice on phone to me
debt advice

Very friendly understanding and informative advice which helped me choose and understand which route to take to finally become debt free. I would recommend this service to anyone with money problems.
Everything I ask is clearly understood
And helps me
Helpful and Professional

Brilliant advice really helpful,would recommend.Put my mind at ease.
Extremely pleased with the service I have received from Ben
Great service

Robert was so helpful and careing, he gave me great information and lots of support.
Super advice from Ben answered all my questions. I would recommend Bridgewo

Gave me every confidence .very helpful and said. You get what you pay for. If you need any advice on debt problems then call Bigwood.
Felt very reassured after speaking to other companies . Actual gave advise and direction
highly recommend this advisor to other people in similar situation

the advise was clear and the ad visor was very knowledgeable and understood the plight of my financial situation.
Hope where i thought there was none....

Ben was very friendly and reasuring from the initial enquirey onwards.
He spoke to me as 'a person' and went that extra mile with follow up emails to check up on me as i didn't call back when i said i would.

Can not fault the service Ben offered - many thanx ☺
The advice and guidance from Rob Dawson was second-to-none. He was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Excellent service.
Fantastic advice from Robert Dawson

I was so.upset when I called but Robert Dawson put me at ease and explained how to get my step son out of a big mess. I am starting to call the creditors to explain, with confidence, that he cannot pay at the moment and his income and position are in flux so they will have to wait to get paid... thank you
Diligent brilliant performance and excellency! Prime service!

I was so extremely pleased and overwhelmed with Bridgewood's service. A service of superb excellency!I Vividly recommend their services. They are so dedicate, understanding of one's needs. Great emphatic listeners of one's concerns and they deliver far beyond that one can expect! Diligent brilliant performance and excellency! Prime service!
I was listened to and I received excellent advice.

I believe I was given sufficient information to make an informed decision about my future. My questions were answered well and I received follow up email.
I had 3 discussions on the phone and they were extremely helpful and I was treated with the utmost respect.
Great customer service

So far so good, they explained everything to me and gave me all options before i made my decision
Would highly recommend.

Very polite and reassuring and helpful.
Very helpfull

Great service and proffesional.
Totally approachable. Non judgemental. Clearly explained advice.

Rob was very helpful. Explained things clearly. Rang when he said. Very approachable and friendly. Would recommend without hesitation.
Very helpful

Making me feel I can sòrt my finances out and quick service
Great customer service and advice

Rob was always able to respond to any questions either over the phone or via email I had about our financial difficulty and went through all the options with us. Highly recommend to anyone in a difficult position.
Very helpful

Very good offered great advice thank you rob dawson
Excellent advice

Service was very good and on my first call
very prompt return phone call,and very informative.
Extremely helpful, informed myself of lots of things I was unaware of,
good quick and efficient servoice

rob called only minutes after my general enquiry online. Very helpful and explained everything clearly. He pointed me in the right direction and now I feel like I can move forward and start to manage things properly again.
A positive experience.

I called this company as I really needed help and advice.
i spoke to Rob who was very proactive, friendly and most importantly non judgemental and he explained everything step by step.
He also told me he is available to help throughout the setting up process which is a relief as paperwork can be overwhelming.
I am feeling much better about the situation and feel that there is someone on my side helping me move forward.
I would recommend contacting this company to anyone becoming stressed and unwell due to their finances feeling out of control.
Very well explained

Everything thing was explained very well.
Gave plenty to think about.
Excellent above and beyond service

Robert went over and above what I was expecting and despite not initially being able to help me directly he was extremely helpful and informative. If I have need to use you in the future or know of anyone that requires your service I will not hesitate to recommend Robert
Amazing service

Today I spoke with Rob regarding the situation i was in, Rob was very professional in the manner he dealt with me and made me feel comfortable talking about my debts. He was a great help. I would gladly recommend his services to anyone in the same position as me.

A massive thank you.
Comprehensive, helpful, thorough, professional

Very professional, thorough, comprehensive and full of guidance.
Glad i decided to speak with these people

Really helpful and informative experience i think it helped me to clarify and move in the right direction.
Very knowledgeable and helpful
I contacted Bridgewood at a time of significant stress (personally and business-wise). The guidance and advice offered was delivered with utter empathy (and encouragement!) and with a complete focus on practically making life (again both personally and business-wise) better. Robin's availability, dedication to understanding my world and determination to make a difference was quite exceptional. And it did. Very tangibly. The clarity with which options were presented was refreshing and the difference it made within a fairly short time was way beyond my expectation. In short, a bit of a lifeline. This was going the extra mile and some. THANK YOU!!!
Professional and helpful .

Professional service very understanding. I was very nervous and very stressed by the situation I was in the team put me at easy and talked me through each step without any pressure they went through every detail and offered me solutions for my circumstances. The paper work arrived the next day very efficient .
Very professional and friendly

I was dealing with Robert Dawson,He stayed very professional welcomed all my questions all the way to the end of the call, He went over and above my expectations for sure when I initially decided to call to report an interest in IVA, he made me aware of all my options and explained each one thoroughly.
Very helpful with excellent advise

Excellent service and very detailed advise, Bridgewood far exceeded our expectations, Rob spent almost an hour on the phone explaining all options available plus backed this up with follow up calls and emails.
Incredibly helpful.

Rob at Bridgewood was extremely helpful giving all the advice and help I needed, investigating all angles and procedures that would work best for me and help me the most, giving me information that I did not know and was very insightful.
At the end of the conversation Rob even went out of his way to make template letters for me that I will need.

Overall Bridgewood removed anxieties and worries about my debt and allowed me to see the silver lining and that removing my debt was achievable. It’s amazing what a phone can do.
Absolutely fantastic Service

Fantastic service from Rob, thank you for your help and advise.
Positive experience

Very positive experience. Quick response, comforting assistance.
Found Robert very helpful indeed, very understanding and totally professional, he cared about every last deal, and put my mind at rest also gave good advice on how to moved forward and help sort a solution out.
Excellent honest and extremely helpful service
I got the advice and help I needed to make a long necessary did vision.

Yes I would recommend them, they were very helpful knowledgeable and transparent. I felt confident and reassured that my decision was the right solution for me to make.
Rob needs a promotion and a big pay rise

Brilliantly service... rob you are so helpful really put my mind at ease. Thank you ur a top man
Very helpful

Robert was very helpful from the minute he answered the phone. I had several worries and queries that Robert has answered and totally put my mind at ease. We will definitely be using Bridgewood, to help us sort our financial situation.
Fantastic customer service!

Fantastic customer service, very professional, very helpfull and kind. Thank You for all the advice
Brilliant Service

The advisor I spoke to (Mr Dawson) was brilliant and very helpful. Advised me greatly to find a solution perfect for my problem. I would definitely recommend.
good advice

Exccellent service

Very helpful and supportive in difficult circumstances
Robert Dawson what an absoulte gem you are. You explained all my options to me and basically did all the work for me all I had to do was make the phone call. You was so easy to talk to completely understanding. Thank you so much.

Very friendly and helpfulI felt very relaxed.knew what they were talking about very confident
Helped me understand what was the best way forword very happy thank you so much.
Excellent service.

I have experienced excellent service from the company, and would highly recommend them. Nothing was too much trouble.
Brilliant work

Excellent work. Helped through every step
highy recommended

Give me good advice and very helpful
Very Good

Very good, professional service.
great customer service

very well looked after and talked me through all the options would recommend them to anyone
Great advice .... Thank you John
Very helpful service and quick... 100% recommended

Very helpful service and quick... 100% recommended
Bridgewood provided an excellent service throughout my engagement with them providing the right advice and support at all times. I'd recommend without hesitation.
Very helpful, easy to talk to, I felt welcomed from the start
The information that was provided was very helpful in terms of the options I had that were available to me
Fantastic service from start to finish...

Its a pretty difficult time when your business is going under and it can be extreme stress when you have to liquidate. Thankfully, the team at Bridgewood helped every step of the way to ensure the liquidation went smoothly. Having been reccomended these practitioners, i was met by Aftab who took over the liquidation process of my company and he was brilliant. Made everything so easy, and took away so much stress. Communcation was great and he was always available on the other end of the line whenever needed. From start to finish, these guys were great and anyone looking to go down the route of liquidation and feel its an incredibly stressful procedure, think again, get Bridgewood to act as your practitioners and they will take on all the hard work for you - Thanks Aftab and the whole Team for brilliant service!
Robert was everything someone who is in financial difficulty needs; nonjudgemental, knowledgable, considerate, efficient and effective.
I would recommend him in an instant. Many thanks

Brilliant advice thank you for your help
Professional and supportive

Prompt and professional with accurate timely advice
Great help on the phone very polite

Great telephone service polite helpful
Great communication,really professional and helpful,would definitely recommend.
Great service helped me with all my queries from a top professional point of view which helped me progress forward
got good answers for my problems

I will recommend you to my friends and relatives
Brilliant service

Rob was brilliant would recommend him for advice and support
Great communication, really professional thank you
Excellent service - Rob Dawson was very knowledgeable, empathetic and offered excellent advice with no judgement about my situation.
Wonderful service

Rob and Robin have been invaluable in helping me sort out my finances following a divorce can't thank them enough!
Very helpful and quick to respond - knew what they were talking about and they were very supportive.
Really helpful.explained and went threw the process with me
Rob phoned exactly when he said he would, was clear and precise with his advice and made me feel that it is possible to move forward from the financial difficulties we are facing.
They talked though the whole process Without any complications and talked through the process step by step And made it sound so simple without all the big talk and wording...

Kind regards
very professional & friendly

Robert was extremely pleasant to talk to. He didn't make me feel so low about my debts. Robert was very professional about my income expenditure & he gave me excellent advise on how I should tackle my debts. When the pack arrived it was so easy to sign & return. Robert has took to worrys & sleepless nights away from me & I really can't thank him enough!
Fab, non-judgemental service.

Rob was really helpful and non-judgemental. At no point did I feel embarrassed to be in the debt that I am in, and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I would highly recommend others to let this company help them out.
Efficient, effective and always available

They took the fear out of dealing with creditors in a simple and efficient way which allowed me to sleep soundly for the first time in many months. They also provided several solutions and discussed the best one to suit my needs moving forward. I am dealing with Rob Dawson so am not shunted to another person in the organisation. He always calls back when he says he will, always emails promptly and although I am not out of the woods yet, I feel so much better (and happier) that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.
Very professional and polite service.
Very helpfull and understanding talked me through all options available

Rob Dawson was very understanding and helpful talked me through all options available to me
And also very patient at a stress full time
Now I have a better understanding of a way forward
Thank you
Made a phone call to bridge wood today .. I was very happy and grateful for there advice and help... Very friendly and understanding ... I would highly recommended to use bridge wood .. Thank you for all your advice and help ..
Brilliant service friendly and helpful

Helpful with the situation and also gave great information regarding options.
Really professional and confident could ring them at Any time or email
Very profesional

Bridgewood performed there duties profesionally and efficiently but also with a very friendly and helpful attitude I would recommend them 100%
I would definitely recommend bridgewood, as they gave me some good advice.

The service received by bridgewood was excellent. The advisor gave me some good advice and helped me out
Very heplfull

The service from Robin and his team was excellent , they quickly understood my problems and offered and expedited a quick solution
Well recommended

Efficient service, good communication, took the stress from us to sort out.
Fantastic Team, great service
Very helpful at a very difficult time.
Everyone I spoke to was very understanding and professional.
All available options were discussed.
I would recommend anyone experiencing financial trauma to give them a call.
Almost anything can be sorted, then you can look forward to sleeping at night again....!
Professional and helpful

Thanks for the guidance and advice.

Rob was really down to earth and didn't talk down to me which some people can when you're in a situation like myself.

Again, thanks
Great Service - Definitely recommend

Very knowledgeable. Very patient . The advice given has helped us see our way more clearly
Very clear, concise and no repetitive bolluck :)

I dealt with Rob Dawson I believe and he couldn't have been more helpful, he went through all my options but didn't talk to me like a moron like a lot of these companies do.
Very helpful on phone and understanding now just waiting on paper work.
Brilliantly proffessional

Extremly proffessional Services from ur firm,especially rob who as promised followed up with a coutesy call exactly when he said he would. I have filed everything i was sent and if a similar situation happens again, urs will be the company i will use.5 stars
Extremely helpful great service thank you

Extremely effective and helpful service
Very helpful and spoke clearly.
Very satisfied

Very friendly advisor. Very helpful advice
After months of uncertainty Rob was able to point us in the right direction

My debts have been causing ill health and the caring manner and knowledgeable information given to me by Rob was life saving.
bridgewoods service is very professional and very good with friendly and polite staff and very patient towards me
Highly recommended.

I was recommended bridgwood when we were looking at options for a company with short remaining cash runway. Robin was amazingly helpful and made what was an extremely stressful life time bearable. I can't recomend them enough.
Very good service, easy to talk to and made me feel at ease. Willing to explain each step of the process.
Excellent service, look forward to future advice.

I was given clear and helpful information laying out a number of options for our way forward which was exactly what we wanted

Brilliant service
Helpful saff
100% recommended
they explained everything to me so I could understand
So far excellent experience
Rob was very helpful in explaining our options and next steps.
Great afvice
I felt I was given the very best advise.

Robert Dawson was patient, understanding and informative, I felt the help he gave useful but most of all non-judgmental at this difficult time for us. Thanks Rob, for your help thus far and for the help I am confident you'll provide in the future.
Friendly excellent advice! Would certainly recommend them
Excellent service

Friendly excellent service
Very good

The gent way very helpfull
Professional, excellent service provider.

Perfect clear explanation provided.

Thanks again for your help!
Cannot recommend highly enough

None stop professionalism. Robin and the team dealt with my awkward case swiftly, with compassion and understanding throughout. Highly recommend, and if I had to use them again, would without any hesitation whatsoever.

A weight off my shoulders after the phone call was made and I don't know why I took so long to make the call in the first place
I thought Rob at Bridgewood was amazingly helpful and better informed than any other advisor I spoke to (there were a fair few). He took angles nobody else seemed to consider and was thoroughly polite and professional.

Most of all, I felt I could trust him/Bridgewood as he is definitely both financially educated and qualified to do what he does; other companies seemed like bad salespeople, ha.

Well done, Rob... speak again soon. CA
Good advice and happy with the outcome.
Excellent customer service.

I would like to thank rob for his excellent customer service today , I can't fault him in anyway , he is a credit to your company.

Kindest regards ,
Tom wise
Took the weight off my financial trouble

1st class simply explained service
Great help

Great help got me back on track :)
Excellent service by Bridgewood

So helpful, and considerate to the circumstances, and very friendly
Exerlant free service

Robert was very helpful explaining every thing in lay mand terms helped me thanks
Excellent service

Excellent service all at the end of the phone to help
fantastic service

Robin and the team at Bridgewood were fantastic from start to finish. Whilst this was an incredibly difficult time, they were understanding, patient and provided sound advice to help us through the process. I couldn't recommend them enough.
Polite, courteous and helpful.

Very polite and helpful. My advisor was very tactful and understanding. Strongly recommended.

Fantastic advice and help with my problem with HMRc, was very worried but these guys sorted it all out for me-thanks!
nothing was too much trouble

made it a smooth trip through a bad time
Clear and precise advice

Very clear and precise advice for my needs. Very friendly and listened to my situation and answered any questions o had fully
Good service by Bridgewood

as was clearly explain the involvement of i v a

Had great advice and good customer service

Very professional
Excellent service by Bridgewood

Big help so glad I rang thanks alot
It was a great experience and the person on the phone helped me massively a...

It was a great experience and the person on the phone helped me massively and have me great advice
Excellent service by Bridgewood

great service buy rob,
Absolutely fantastic service, Robin is without a question of doubt the pers...

Absolutely fantastic service, Robin is without a question of doubt the person to speak with as his knowledge is first class, and as for speed? 100 %,
I would recommend everybody to call him.
Good service and great advice!

The advice given was pretty straightforward!
Excellent service

Fantastic friendly service.
Great communication and loads of information provided would recommend to fr...

Great communication and loads of information provided would recommend to friends and family with debt problems any time
Excellent, would recommend to anyone

I dealt with Robert Dawson, a pleasure to deal with, knowledgable, honest and very helpful. Follow up was prompt and professional
Good service

Good service
I found Rob to be really helpful and understanding and unlike other compani...

I found Rob to be really helpful and understanding and unlike other companies when he hadn't heard back from me I didn't receive endless phone calls but he did keep in touch frequently. Would definitely call again
Very helpful regarding the queries I had,very polite adviser I spoke to, wo...

Very helpful regarding the queries I had,very polite adviser I spoke to, would recommend the company to anyone
Excellent service by Bridgewood

Very friendly and informative. Put me at ease .
Excellent service by Bridgewood

Good and helpful.
I only wish I found about this company sooner!

I was amazed how professional and strait forward this team was. Everything was explained to me very well and dealt with a speed of light. Thanks to them I can breathe again and get back on my feet now I could not thank enough for all the help given! Would definitely recommend.

Very good indeed
I thought bridgework would deal with the whole process but that didn't happ...

I thought bridgework would deal with the whole process but that didn't happen basically it was £500 just to fill a form in
From day one I was made to feel relaxed and that I was in safe hands with a...

From day one I was made to feel relaxed and that I was in safe hands with a professional company. I was never judged at any point and was kept up with regular information about the progress of my iva request. I would highly recommend this company to anybody with debt problems.
Excellent service

Excellent service. Useful information and great advice received. All explained in simple language. Rob was very professional, helpful, understanding and non judgemental. Thank you very much.

Understanding and made me feel at ease
Robert was able to give me all the information I required in a friendly man...

Robert was able to give me all the information I required in a friendly manner and I felt informed after the conversation
After the conversation yesterday with Rob,I was relieved. Thanks for your a...

After the conversation yesterday with Rob,I was relieved. Thanks for your advice and professional approach.
Really helpful and in depth guidance given. Robert Dawson really explained ...

Really helpful and in depth guidance given. Robert Dawson really explained my options fairly given both pros and cons and helped me make the best decision for me. Excellent service and support given
Supportive honest company

Bridgewood /Aftab provided us with clear honest advice from the start.
This is a No "B,S" company, that will help make all your options clear in financially stressful times even if some of those options are not in there interest
I strongly recommend this company to anyone
Thanks again !

Very helpful, very clear and easy to talk to.
I felt completely comfortable chatting to Robert about my situation and now...

I felt completely comfortable chatting to Robert about my situation and now feel very open to the idea of help with my debt.
Excellent service by Bridgewood

Very helpful so far,hope to have a happy future with there help
Excellent service by Bridgewood

Helped us to think about our problems and deal with them
Bridgewood have been an absolute god send!

Bridgewood have been an absolute god send. We are so glad we found them on the internet and hired them. They went over and above to help us throughput a very difficult time and constantly kept in touch throughput the proceedings. We always knew what was happening and I would thoroughly recommend their services! I would like to take this opportunity to thank them once again.
Spot on!

Very helpful
Easy free advise explained clearly. Very helpful.

Very helpful free advise
Excellent service by Bridgewood

A very good service with good advice. Glad I phoned.
I spoke to a very nice gentleman who put me at ease, was non judgemental an...

I spoke to a very nice gentleman who put me at ease, was non judgemental and did not patronise me. After half hours chat felt like a massive weight had been taken off my shoulders. Thank you.
Excellent service by Bridgewood

Very polite and understanding
Have patients to listening
Fantastic advice and no pressure or emotional tactics used as with other si...

Fantastic advice and no pressure or emotional tactics used as with other similar companies.
Professional, honest and highly recommended!

The service was exceptional. Both from Robin (Director) and Michelle, who handled my IVA Creditors meeting.

It was lovely to be able to deal with such friendly, warm individuals who were knowledgable, professional and effective. Michelle is an asset!

Good service by Bridgewood

The service they provide is really good
Felt Comfortable

Very helpful. I felt very comfortable talking about this otherwise very difficult subject
Very easy to speak to with no pressure, would recommend to anybody who has ...

Very easy to speak to with no pressure, would recommend to anybody who has financial problems.
Very good

Brilliant service , real friendly very helpful and understanding
Will definitely definitely recommend to friends and family in the same situ

Got the best advice that the adviser had given me about my debt relief and was very pleasant very happy and he was very well mannered
Amazing service.

I called Bridgeford as my partner was experiencing debt issues and I can't speak highly enough of Robert. He answered all my questions with complete confidence and sincerity. I came off the phone feeling hopeful and knowing that there was light at the end of the tunnel.
Incredibly Supportive and professional.

The first step is to admit you have a financial problem, the second is to quickly find someone who can help. Robin Tarling at Bidgewood was recommended to me, from the very first phone call we had to the end of the liquidation process I always felt I was in safe hands. Professional, knowledgeable but more importantly you could see he genuinely wanted to help me through the whole process. During this challenging time there were additional problems that arose Robin kept me focused on what really mattered. Tony Sargent was efficient ,helpful and showed empathy. Truly a credit to their profession.
Highly recommended

Invaluable advice and support at a stressful and worrying time.
Excellent service by Bridgewood

Approachable and helpful.Thanks
Rob was very helpful over the phone, very understanding and he went through...

Rob was very helpful over the phone, very understanding and he went through all the options with me

The person I spoke to was extremely helpful and understanding would definitely! Recommend these to anyone in debt.
Excellent advice and service throughout.

Robert was very professional and detailed throughout. He always explained any advice thoroughly and sent me emails immidiatley which allowed me to act upon the advice given and/or read up further on any information that was passed across. If he didn't know any of my questions at the time he found out the answers and let me know. He also called me back to check how I was getting on as promised.

Mad everything very simple and resolved my financial woes within a matter of weeks!
Great source of information

Great knowlage and not patronising at all
Efficient service

Quick & easy service from start to finish
Excellent service by Bridgewood

Helpful and straight forward
when i called, the office did what they said they would do, and they did

Dear, Robert

I spoke to you on the 8th Nov, since then, I have spoken to lots and lots off people about my
problem, and your advise was the best one, you listen and asked the right questions.
So Im in the library downloading the info you sent me , well good luck to me, and thank you
to you.

Harry Soghomonian
Perfect service

Excellent service and so straight forward . Very professional thankyou
First-time involvement great with the insolvency process. Extremely profess...

First-time involvement great with the insolvency process. Extremely professional approach from Bridgewood. More than happy to spend time walking the inexperienced through stages of the process and what is required each stage.
Overall impression was that the smooth insolvency process we enjoyed was largely due to their support.
I would not hesitate recommending their services to another small business.


Professional and aware of what we needed to do from the first contact
totally helpful, and genuine company, thankyou for the great help and advic

rob was very helpful on the phone,also very polite and understandable of my circumstances, after the chat i felt a whole lot better. very helpful service indeed and i would very much recommend bridgewood to anyone who i knew was in a debted situation! thankyou again.much apreciated.
Exclettent company cannot fault them at all! Reliable and very helpful! Esp...

Exclettent company cannot fault them at all! Reliable and very helpful! Especially Robert who I spoke with
Excellent service by Bridgewood

Very helpful, put my mind at rest

Excellent service pointed me in the right direction after a discussion on my debt issues . I felt like I was drowning had b t slept in weeks 15 minutes on the phone and a huge weight lifted . Amazing service pick up the phone to these amazing people

Rob was very helpful and kind. He didn't make me feel ashamed. There was no judgment

Brilliant service fantastic product
One happy customer

Very professional and helpful
Very professional

Very informative, professional with a non judgemental attitude throughout conversation.
Massively helpful

Really helpful and knowledgeable, just such a relief to talk about these problems with someone who suggested a clear, logical way out. Massively helpful.
Higjly recommended

Extremely helpful, unjudgemental & friendly team. Wasn't pushed or unnecessarily contacted, would recommend to others in similar situation
Very nice people.....thank you

Very nice to chat to, i was explained in normal terminoligy not in the way that i didnt understand,.i dealt with james and michelle and wish to thank them for all there help....i hope now i can move forward and become debt free....thanks
Excellent team of professionally qualified staff. Great support througout my IVA.

Every individual at Bridgewood have been fanatastic throughout my IVA process.
They understand the stress that one is under and did all they can to ensure my process moved as swiftly as possible. Top service, top firm and importantly top people! Thank you for everything!
We received professional advice and guidance

We received professional support with our IVA from Robin Tarling which put our mind at ease during this stressful time. We didn't have any idea how an IVA works but after our first meeting with Tim we knew everything we had to know.
Completely satisfied

From start to finish I have been thoroughly impressed by Bridgewood's service. The level of attention I felt I received was excellent. Helping myself and my wife to navigate through an intensely difficult period in our lives Bridgewood have been first class.
Suportive and helpful

I needed advice on a liquidation. I was very unsure where to start or what the implications would be for me. They talked through each step of the process and gave me good advice. I would recommend the company.
Fantastic service

James was absolutely fantastic! He wasn't pushy he just discussed my best options couldn't fault him!
Great Professional Advise

James have me the best advice for my situation. The solution he advised was one that was free of charge!!!
Can't be beaten
Excellent service

Very helpful & understanding made me feel a ease. Answered everything I needed to know and didn't judge me, very quick response and keep me informed all the time.

Very professional service and extremely helpful. Would highly recommend to friends.
Simply the best solution to debt problems

Bridgewood have been exceptional from start to finish in arranging our IVA and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone with debt problems. All of the team involved in our case have acted with professionalism, understanding and compassion and have helped us get our life back. Can't speak highly enough of them

Brilliant Service, especially from James!
Advisor was very helpful, understanding and non judgemental, would highly recommend the service
Very satisfied

Very professional and well informed
Very good company.

Aftab and robin helped us out when needed. Service was friendly and very helpful.
Very good service.Thank you
Professional, Courteous and efficient.

I would recommend Bridgewood to anyone experiencing financial difficulty. I found Bridgewood to be professional, efficient and courteous. Thank you.
Stress free

I was in a lot of mess my business stress .so bridgewater saved all de stress of me I would recommend anyone to use de services .
5☆ service

excellent service and very professional.. would 100%recommend them.. they made the whole process so easy..
excellent service

so far the professionalism showed by all the staff that we come across it was at one excellent level.
the gentleman that we dealt with Mr. David Huckerbie it no words to describe is attitude and professionalism.
I will definitely recommend this company
The most sincere, empathetic and competent service I've ever had. Quite the shining light in a world of opportunists.

Three years ago I found myself mid breakdown as receivers managing my bankruptcy four months earlier, tried to take almost every penny of an unexpected redundancy. I was to be left with about £1200 overnight. I thank God every day (and I'm not even religious) that I found Robin and the guys at Bridgewood when I did, because not only were they competent in what they did, they were sincerely and patiently empathetic. I felt stupid already and expected to have that exacerbated, but Robin and his team managed the opposite. They quite literally saved my life at that point. Recently I noticed that my certificate of completion hadn't been recognised by the courts and contacted Bridgewood again for advice. The service was still the same, I was called straight back when I'd said tomorrow would do. I was remembered and helped as competently as I was years ago. Simply can't say enough about these guys. Genuine and sincere one to one service seen through to the absolute end. If you're in financial strife I wouldn't advise you to go anywhere else.
No need to be stressed...pass it on!

James French was excellent. I was quite stressed to begin with but he quickly put me at ease. He explained all I needed to know and I came off the phone feeling that a solution to my problems was going to be solved. Thank you.
spoke to a nice chap, happy to get started
Truly excellent customer service

James was very helpful and knowledgeable. It has been a real pleasure speaking to someone impartial and receiving advise without having to worry about them having an anterior motive to do so.
Ltd Company wind up made simple!

Bridgewood Financial Solutions took the hassle out of winding up my Ltd Company affairs and made it straightforward and simple. They worked quickly and were responsive throughout the process. I highly recommend them.
Helpful and informative

James was very helpful, good advice and has put my mind at rest, thank you
found the service very helpful
Very good

Excellent advice. Really helped me, not just after money
Would recommend

Excellent service, always kept me informed and the process was smooth and simple to understand.
Robin was very good, very professional, helped to complete the liquidation process very quickly and the best part was no

Robin was very good, very professional, helped to complete the liquidation process very quickly and the best part was no follow up was required. very much satisfied with the service provided and would recommend Robin / Bridgewood Financial service.
Excellent service. Would recommend without reservation.

Excellent from start to finish. One to one contact provided continuity and seem less flow throughout the process.
Expert,prompt and very professional service.

I had used Bridgewood financial solutions for liquidation of my company.I had an excellent service through out the process and every step was explained in plain and easy to understand steps.
It was very cost effective as compared to other companies but the service second to none.
Robin Tarling was looking after me and he was very courteous, professional and prompt.
He guided and supported me through every step in a very professional way.
I am very satisfied with the service provided by Bridgewood Financial solutions and would highly recommend it to anyone who would want prompt, professional ,value for money and compassionate
Absolutely excellent service.

I would like to thank Robin for a fantastic cooperation during the liquidation of my company. I have dealt with many lawyers and accountants before and I have to admit that the quality of communication and availability for advise he delivered is absolutely exceptional. This is a very rare thing and makes a cooperation with him a very pleasant experience. I will definitely recommend using Bridgewood services to anyone I know.
Robin was excellent and acted quickly and swiftly during our liquidation process.
Absolute pleasure to deal with, very professional service provided and helpful throughout the process.
Professional service

I am in the process of Voluntary Liquidation with Robin Tarling. He has been very professional, yet approachable whilst working to a tight schedule. I would recommend his services to people I know in the future.
I found Robin to be very knowledgeable, professional, and swift in the execution of the transaction. I wouldn't hesitate to use him again or recommend to my associates.
My overall experience was positve. I would have no hesitatation in recommending Bridgewood Debt Solutions.

I found the reception via telephone and in person welcoming and reassuring. My information was received in a sensitive and professional environment and the person advising me put me at ease throughout.

The financial consultant listened with sincerity and a genuine understanding of my predicament; a rare quality in today's corporate driven environment.

I have followed the information received and will move on towards a solution specific for my needs. This was possible I believe, to the prompt, clear and supportive advice obtained through Bridgewood Debt Solutions.
if all bridge wood

mr james french was brilliant
flawlessly helpful

Spoke to a gentleman called James French, who was extremely professional, honest and sympathetic towards my predicament.
Six stars. Thankyou
Extremely helpful.

Accurate helpful advice.
Very helpful and can actually see a solution to my debt problem.
brilliant and really helpful.

James French was fantastic and gave me lots of really good advice and spoke to me about all options. He has helped me and pointed me in the right direction.
Concise and we'll rounded information provided felt reassured.

Friendly personable advisor. Information given was easy to understand and helpful.
Very helpful

Was very pleased to receive honest biased free advice which pointed me in the right direction
Debt Advice

James was very helpful and gave me advice on what was the best route for me to take to help with my current situation
I now feel I have the right information to solve my debt problem
Arran wood iva

Calming informative. Great help and pleasant to talk to. Feel reassured I have James on my side
Very good service

Very professional
Punch Bowl Silsden

Very good service and helpful information.
profesional, understand, and polite

i would recommend Bridgwood to anyone concerned with debt for advice or as in my case for them to deal direct with my debters as i felt all was lost until i talked to james from bridgewood who put my mind at rest treating me with respect and giving me hope along with my family,
debt advice

The helpful and understanding manner of the staff is exceptional in every aspect of the service and advice that they offered to me in what was a very stressful and upsetting time, I would 100% fully recommend the company to anyone who is facing tough financial times. Thank you guys for all your help

I found all the staff at Bridgewood extremely helpful their advice was excellent Michelle Dutton was excellent I can't praise her highly enough
Exceptional customer service
very informative

Very helpful
Very Good

Exceptional customer service and made me feel at ease.
Excellent informative advice

After speaking with James I was left feeling a lot calmer and relieved as he gave me so much information that I didn't know about. He also ensured that I had contact numbers for various other outside agencies that could help me. This company has excellent and outstanding staff who understand and are very helpful. Thankyou so very much
First class service

Since almost 3 years ago these guys have been so professional very helpful and above all taken all the stress away, cannot thank them enough first class service provided
First class, fast, friendly, highly professional service

First class, fast, friendly, highly professional service
helpful staff who always respond quickly to any query or problem i have.

helpful staff who always respond quickly to any query or problem i have.
Feedback on Bridewood

I can recommend Bridgewood because when I was at my lowest I was able to ring up and speak to an advisor who put my mind at ease. Other problems arose along the way but I had help to also sort these problems. I would recommend Bridgewood to anyone who has had the same problems as I have.
Assessment after three years

Having been in an IVA now for just on 3 years , I have had conversations with Bridgewood people on several occasions . Being in my position is never easy to come to terms with , however the times that I ve spoken to people at Bridgewood I ve found them understanding , sympathetic and always helpful , which goes a long way to easing my concerns . From the outset the IVA procedure has been explained fully by the staff and backed up by clear and easily understood correspondence ,which has taken the pressure off of me ! Thank you Bridgewood .

Very pleased with service provided
Excellent and professional

Bridgewood have provided me with a lot of info and advice. They listen and help to work out what option is best for me. They are approachable and competent.
A reliable debt management firm

I've been with Bridgwood for over 4 years now and they are a truly genuine and extremely helpful firm .The friendly and efficient staff in Bridgewood are always open to answer any queries or doubts I have ever had . They worked out my income and expenditure and contacted the lenders on my behalf and let them accept reduced monthly repayments towards my debt which i can really afford. I will be debt free in less than one year from now. I recommend Bridgwood to anyone who is in search for a genuine, honest and reliable debt management company.

Good communication, friendly service.
Joint IVA

Myself and my partner decided that an IVA would be the best solution for our personal debt problems and found Bridgewood Debt Solutions online. From the very beginning we had a dedicated member of staff who was extremely knowledgable, helpful, professional and sympathetic to our situation. This made us feel at ease during this difficult time. Not long after the IVA had begun, we were very fortunate to of been in a position to pay it off in full. Again, Bridgewood were very helpful in organising this, which went through very smoothly. If you are in financial trouble (personally or via a business), I would highly recommend their services.
Very efficient and helpful

Very efficient and helpful
Great service.

Helpful and cheap. Debt free in no time,

Clear and precise advice offered with no pressure to "buy". Excellent after-care service.
Unbelievable service and advice

I initially went to my accountants for help and advice; ultimately I met Robin at Bridgewood. The advice I received was excellent and I would recommend them to anyone with any sort of financial difficulty.
Bridge wood.

Super customer service.
mrs kerry lee

Service has been good so far. They do not hassle me and we do not hassle them. Any problems we can call them and get it sorted.
Life savers!

When I contacted Bridgewood my finances were all over the place and after they organised my creditors into one manageable payment, I am now able to live an increasingly stress free life. Everyone I have spoken to at Bridgewood is always willing to help and has assisted me in every step in reducing my overall liabilities. Thanks Bridgewood
Mrs Susan read

Great service, helped me a lot, friendly caring staff
debt matter

debt solution

Excellent service
Personal, friendly & professional service

Debt is a very sensitive and personal subject. you need to be delt with in a professional way but it needs to be personal, so you feel that you are with a trusted friend. Bridgewood balance this subject perfectly.
371 Reviews
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